War Thunder Cheat – Undetected

 About War Thunder Cheat

New War Thunder Cheat to popular MMO game produced by Gaijin Entertainment. Very user-friendly cheat tool make the game very simple. Additionally your cheat is undetected in all servers. From now easilly hit your opponent. This cheat have a lot of function, for example aim bot, speedcheat or invisibility.  Program will working on all operating system and doesn`t slow down your computer.  The whole system of cheat are code by our team. We have tried to create a better version than older. The result of our work is stable and fully effective War Thunder cheat.

About War Thunder game

This is a MMO simulation of air war. We play as a military aircraft pilot form World War 2.  We can choose  between six nations. For every kill streak we gain experiance points and money. For the earned currency we can buy  or upgrade the plane. Thousands of players fight for dominance in the skies. Game and registration is all fore free. Guaranteed fun for long hours and train your skills.

How to use

War Thunder cheat tool

  1. Download War Thunder Cheat
  2. Run the game
  3. Type your Login
  4. Choice your cheat functions
  5. Click activate
  6. Now you see this




Program Features
  • Speedcheat – 2 times faster flying
  • One Shoot Kill – Kill your opponent with a single shot
  • Invisibility -  You are invisible to enemies
  • Indestructibility – Resistance for all damage
  • Aim Bot – Automatic tracking
  • Anti-Ban – 100% undetectable

Name: War Thunder Cheat

Size: 16.16 MB

Version: 2013 (New)

Virus scan: Click

Supported Operating Systems: Windos XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8


downloadbb2War thunder cheat





War Thunder Cheat – Undetected – Base Of Cheats przez BaseofCheats

How to download

Check instruction (step by step) how download this file protected by survey host. This is easy and takes 1-3 minutes MAX.



Latest Comments
  1. Rubber15

    all works but indestructiblity doesnt work . what repair this ?

  2. admin

    OK all should be correct.

  3. awef

    aimbot is perfect :) nice

  4. Mike

    please send me a suvery so i can get htis hack, the link wont send me to a survey.

    • admin

      This survey is simpley and must beeing.

  5. Yoplay

    for me working very good :)

    • Mike

      Which survey did u do??

      • admin

        it doesn`t matter

  6. Trololoshka

    Admin,can I get that file without survey pls ?

  7. dj

    hmmmm i have done the survey and i am registyered, but no download

  8. John

    Its work?

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